Message at the Opening of GAKGO TV


In any generation, songs and music have been always with us and coexisted with each period.

Comparing to today, the time when I began to produce music contents has no convenient environment for the production. However, I still felt amazed and had great appreciation to it.

There were technical changes over time, from monochrome to stereo, from tapes to CDs, and also change in recording method.

In the old days, when composing a tune and writing music and lyrics, a song was completed. However, right now, sound generator is necessary onto it.

To be honest, I couldn’t even imagine then that the realm of music have shifted this much as it is evolving.

Yet, I truly welcome with great respect to the music industry for which the Internet is a medium.

It is because that we could have relationships with future generations for a long time.

All staff and I have full assurance that this opening of GAKGO TV as a station of contents has a remarkable significance of this era.

We will definitely do our best to be a medium having a strong tie with daily lives of all users.

We sincerely appreciate it and hope that many of you will participate in GAKGO TV ( and have a wonderful time here)

Executive Producer