The 1st LU LU CHUI Concert – Sep. 9th, 2017

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The 1st LU LU CHUI Concert
This is the beginning of sending them to the world!


“From little kids’ hands to little kids hands”

We will make big waves to education and entertainment all over the world!



LU LU CHUI   Toys Dancers   Choe Foajeon Chorus Group


<Program>           (*in Japanese: J / in English: E )

Opening: Samba DE Taiso

  1. Let’s Veggie-Dance (J)
  2. Bony-Bony Muscle (J)
  3. Daily Poka-Poka 3-Minute Taiso (E)
  4. DANCING!A-I-U-E-O! (E)

Kids Video Time♪

Choe Foajeon Chorus Group

  1. Hoshi-no-Umi (J)
  2. Human-Earth Ship (J)
  3. Tsubasa-WING (J)


  1. CHIN-DON Taiso (E)
  2. Sports Dance-200 seconds (J)
  3. Our Flying Freedom (E)
  4. Hoshi (Earth) (J)
  5. Colorful National Flags (E)

Let’s enjoy the shiny and sophisticated sound, rhythm, songs, and dances!

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